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Available in Early 2013!

BROKEN: Stories of Damaged Psyches


This is a collection of five horror/suspense stories by Weldon Burge, including:


SIZZLE -- A philandering doctor meets a hill man who wants the "sizzle" cut out of his brain

ANOTHER HIGHWAY FATALITY -- A college girl, driving alone late at night during a heavy storm, is stalked by a car with a missing headlight

WHITE HELL, WISCONSIN -- A snow plow driver, plowing back roads in rural Wisconsin during a blizzard, fights for his life against elusive assailants

PERMANENT DETENTION -- A stressed-out teenager believes his History teacher is actually one of the living dead

BLUE EYE BURN -- A Vietnam veteran is haunted by a terrifying incident involving a young Vietnamese girl



The cover illustration was created by Dan Verkys; cover design by Amy York.