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E.A. Black

E. A. Black’s dark fantasy and horror fiction has been appeared in Wicked Tales: The Journal Of The New England Horror Writers Vol. 3, Stupefying Stories, and Teeming Terrors. She has also written Roughing It, a sci-fi medical thriller inspired by The X Files, The Andromeda Strain, and Outbreak. She writes erotic fiction with the pen name Elizabeth Black.  

An accomplished essayist, her articles about sex, erotica, and relationships have appeared in Good Vibrations MagazineAlternetCarnalNation, the Ms. Magazine blog, Sexis Magazine, Clarion blog, Erotic Readers and Writers Association blog, On The IssuesSexy Mama Magazine, and Circlet blog. She also writes sex toys reviews for several sex toys companies. 

Born and bred in Baltimore, she grew up under the influence of Edgar Allan Poe. She lives in Lovecraft country on the Massachusetts coast with her husband, son, and three delightful cats. She has never been under the knife. Visit her web site at Friend her on Facebook at

Her story, "We're All Mad Here," was published in Zippered Flesh 2: More Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad.

Her story, "Invisible," appeared in Zippered Flesh 3: Yet More Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad.