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Billie Sue Mosiman

Billie Sue Mosiman’s Cruise was nominated for the Edgar Award and her novel, Widow, was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Novel. She’s the author of seventeen novels and has published more than 200 short stories in various magazines and anthologies. 

A suspense thriller novelist, she often writes horror short stories. Her latest works include Frankenstein: Return From the Wastelands, continuing the saga of Robert Morton from Mary Shelley’s classic, and Prison Planet, a near-future dystopian novella. Her anthology, Fright Mare-Women Write Horror, was nominated for a Stoker in the anthology category. Her latest novel is Lostness and her latest story collection is The Sorrows. She’s been a columnist, reviewer, and writing instructor. She lives in Texas where the sun is too hot for humankind. All her available works are at Check out her blog, “The Life of a Peculiar Writer,” at Or on Twitter at: @billiemosiman


Meet Suspense/Horror Writer Billie Sue Mosiman

Her story, "Second Amendment Solution," was published in Uncommon Assassins.
Billie Sue's story, "The Flenser," appears in Someone Wicked: A Written Remains Anthology.

Her story, "The Night Gordon Was Set Free," was included in Insidious Assassins.

Her story, "The Stories That We Tell," appeared in A Plague of Shadows: A Written Remains Anthology.