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in·sid·i·ous [in-sid-ee-uhs] adjective

1. intended to entrap or beguile

2. stealthily treacherous or deceitful

3. operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect.


Smart Rhino Publications is pleased to announce that INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS, the sequel to UNCOMMON ASSASSINS, is tentatively scheduled for publication in late 2014 or early 2015. Distribution will be through Amazon and other outlets. The book will also be available for Kindle. Copies will be made available to reviewers as well.



What We're Looking For:


INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS seeks stories in which an insidious character/villain intends to kill someone (see again the definition of "insidious"). Also keep in mind the "assassins" theme—the killer's motivation should be monetary, political, perhaps even philosophical. Please don’t just drop in a generic bad guy/villain (serial killer, cheating spouse, rotten in-law, abuser, etc.) or commonplace bad acts into the story. The "insidious" element must be a critical in the plot. Stories can be any genre (although the focus is on suspense), but they must fit the theme of the anthology. Stretch your imaginations and surprise us!

We'd recommend reading UNCOMMON ASSASSINS to get a "feel" for the diversity in that anthology—there is fantasy, horror, suspense, science fiction ... even alternative history. We're striving for the same diversity in INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS. The more original your story (adhering  to the theme), the more likely we are to publish it!



What We're NOT Looking For:


While this is an R-rated anthology, please no stories involving graphic rape, child molestation, or animal torture. No gratuitous sex—if you include sexual content, make sure it is germane to the plot of your story. Also, if your story has more four-letter words than a typical episode of The Sopranos, we're likely to reject it. Use profanity strategically and sparingly.



The Submission Process:


INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS is looking for original, never-published short fiction only (no poetry), 5,000-10,000 words. The preferred length is fewer than 7,500 words. But we're truly looking for superb content; if a story is 10,000 words and we utterly love it, we won’t quibble over the length.


Manuscripts must be submitted by e-mail attachment in either Word .doc or .rtf format, with Word being preferred. Submissions pasted into the body of an email message will not be read. The manuscript must be double-spaced, 12-point type (preferably Garamond). Please include your contact information (name, address, email, and telephone number) on the first page of the manuscript. The editor cannot be responsible for submissions lost in transit. Manuscripts must be submitted to the email below:


You can also email if you have any questions concerning the anthology.



Payment and Rights:


Payment will be a flat $20.00, plus a contributor’s copy delivered soon after publication. We plan to publish a bio for each author, to accompany his/her story, and will be happy to promote other work by the author and include links to Web sites. If we select your story, we will provide a standard anthology contract, purchasing First English Anthology Rights.


You can include your bio as a separate attached file when you submit your story, or, if we accept your story, you may return your bio with the signed contract at that time. Payment will not be issued until after the completed contract has been received. You will receive a contributor’s copy of the anthology upon its release.


Also, keep in mind that we will actively market you here on the Smart Rhino website. If you keep us up-to-date on your work, we'll gladly mention new interviews and other events with your online bio.



About the Editor:


Weldon Burge, a native of Delaware, is a full-time editor, freelance writer, and publisher. His fiction has appeared in Suspense Magazine, Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, Grim Graffiti, The Edge: Tales of Suspense, Alienskin, Glassfire Magazine, and Out & About (a Delaware magazine). His stories have also been adapted for podcast presentation by Drabblecast, and have been accepted for the anthologies Pellucid Lunacy: An Anthology of Psychological Horror, Don't Tread on Me: Tales of Revenge and Retribution, Ghosts and Demons, and Something at the Door: A Haunted Anthology.


Weldon has a number of projects underway, including a police procedural novel. He also frequently writes book reviews and interviews for Suspense Magazine. Weldon also edited the Smart Rhino books ZIPPERED FLESH, UNCOMMON ASSASSINS, ZIPPERED FLESH 2, BROKEN, SOMEONE WICKED, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER AND HUCK FINN, and GREEN TSUNAMI.


Early draft of cover -- geisha assassin by Whitney Cook