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Tales Of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!

Zippered Flesh
Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!


In this anthology of dark stories, bizarre body enhancements play pivotal roles in the plotsand things are never pretty or pain-free. The 20 stories in this collection are not for those who are faint of heart or squeamish, or who are easily offended by disturbing imagery, bloody violence, and freakish body augmentations. Love chilling tales? You'll savor this anthology!


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Meli Hooker and Jason Darrick of Dreadful Tales discussed the Zippered Flesh anthology, story by story, in a podcast! A great review, and if you haven't read the book yet, this describes every story without spilling the beans. Listen to the podcast at


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  • Michael Bailey ... Bootstrap—The Binds of Lasolastica 
  • Michael Laimo ... Idol
  • Adrienne Jones ... Unplugged
  • Charles Colyott ... Comfort
  • Christopher Nadeau ... You With Me
  • Scott Nicholson ... The Shaping
  • J. Gregory Smith ... Something Borrowed
  • John Shirley ... Equilibrium
  • L.L. Soares ... Sawbones
  • Aaron J. French ... Whirling Machine Man
  • Graham Masterton ... Sex Object
  • Michael Louis Calvillo ... The Sad, Not-So-Sad, Ballad of Goat-Head Jean,
    Ambivalent Devil Queen
  • Jezzy Wolfe ... Locks of Loathe
  • Elliott Capon ... By Hook
  • Armand Rosamilia ... Creeping Death
  • Lisa Mannetti ... Paraphilia 
  • P.I. Barrington ... Independence Day
  • Jonathan Templar ... Marvin's Angry Angel
  • Rob M. Miller ... Change of Heart 
  • Weldon Burge ... Hearing Mildred



The image to left and in the cover below was created by Shelley Bergen, one of the co-founders of Groundfrost Illustration & Design ( Cover design by Scott Medina.