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Adult Edition
Young Adult Edition

"Huck always said it was a powerful lot of trouble to write a book, and if he’d a known it ahead of time, he wouldn’t a gone through with it. That’s his version of the truth, anyhow. And it’s a lot more work than anyone bargains for when they sit down to write—but you add writin along with me and Huck comin back as twin brothers and the feline familiars of a twenty-first century witch—and you got even more trouble. A whole cauldron-full more. Anyhow, this time I guess it’s me that has got to tell our story." 

Tom and Huck have reincarnated as twin white cats, and they're now familiars for a modern-day witch--and, of course, they want to be boys again! This whimsical, often humorous novel has been masterfully written by Bram Stoker Award-Winner Lisa Mannetti. Mark Twain would be proud!


The Adult Edition is a bit risque and contains some adult situations that may not be appropriate for younger readers. The Young Adult (YA) edition has been especially written to appeal to a younger audience.

The cover illustration for the Adult Edition is by the inestimable Glenn Chadbourne, with a cover design by the incredible Amy York.
The cover illustration for the YA Edition is by Safira de Meza of the Netherlands, with a cover design also by Amy York.
Both editions include an Introduction by Jonathan Maberry.
TOM AND HUCK (Adult edition):
Paperback $16.95
Kindle $2.99

TOM AND HUCK (YA edition):
Paperback $16.95
Kindle $2.99