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DB Corey

DB Corey lives in Baltimore with his wife Maggie, an offish Chocolate Lab, and a Catahoula-Leopard Hound. After a stint in college, he joined the USNR flying aircrew aboard a Navy P-3 Orion chasing down Russian subs. During his time there, he began a career in I.T. He began writing in his mid-50s. His debut novel—Chain of Evidence—was released on August 1, 2013. He’s currently working on a second crime thriller with a target release date in 2015. Check out his website at and his blog at  
His story, "The Bitter and the Sweet," was published in INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS.
Check out Weldon Burge's interview with D.B., which originally appeared in Suspense Magazine: Meet Debut Thriller Writer D.B. Corey