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Christine Morgan

Christine Morgan divides her writing time among many genres, from horror to historical, from superheroes to smut, anything in between and combinations thereof. She’s a wife, a mom, a future crazy-cat-lady and a longtime gamer, who enjoys British television, cheesy action/disaster movies, cooking and crafts. Her stories have appeared in maby publications, including The Book of All Flesh, The Book of Final Flesh, The Best of All Flesh, History is Dead, The World is Dead, Strange Stories of Sand and Sea, Fear of the Unknown, Hell Hath No Fury, Dreaded Pall, Path of the Bold, Cthulhu Sex Magazine and its best-of volume Horror Between the Sheets, Closet Desire IV, and Leather, Lace and Lust.

She’s also a contributor to The Horror Fiction Review, a former member of the HWA, a regular at local conventions, and an ambitious self-publisher (six fantasy novels, four horror novels, six children’s fantasy books, and two role-playing supplements). Her work has appeared in Pyramid Magazine, GURPS Villains, been nominated for Origins Awards, and given Honorable Mention in two volumes of Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. Her romantic suspense novel, The Widows Walk, was recently released from Lachesis Publishing; her horror novel, The Horned Ones, is due out from Belfire in 2012; and her thriller Murder Girls was just accepted by Skullvines. She’s currently delving into steampunk, making progress on an urban paranormal series, and greatly enjoying her bloodthirsty Viking stories.
Christine's story, "Thyf's Tale," was published in Uncommon Assassins.
Her story, "The Sun-Snake," appeared in Zippered Flesh 2: More Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!
Her Viking story, "Sven Bloodhair," was published in Someone Wicked: A Written Remains Anthology.

Christine's  story, "No One of Consequence," was included in Insidious Assassins.