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Graham Masterton

Graham Masterton made his horror debut in 1975 with The Manitou, the story of a three-hundred-year-old Native American shaman who is reborn in the present day to take his revenge on the white man. A huge bestseller, it was made into a classic movie starring Tony Curtis. Since then, Graham has written over a hundred novels—horror, thrillers, and historical romances—as well as numerous short stories. Before he took up writing novels, he was editor of Penthouse magazine. It was there that he met his late wife Wiescka,  who became his agent and sold The Manitou in her native Poland even before the collapse of Communism—the first Western horror novel to be published in Poland since the war. Apart from five Manitou novels, Graham has also published the Rook series, about a remedial English teacher who recruits his slacker class to fight ill-intentioned ghosts and demons; the Night Warriors series, about ordinary people who battle against apocalyptic terrors in their dreams; as well as many other supernatural thrillers, including Family Portrait, The Pariah, and Mirror. He recently finished Voice Of An Angel, a crime thriller with a tinge of the supernatural, and is now working on a new Rook novel and many other projects. Graham’s Web site is
Graham's story, "Sex Object," was published in Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!