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Aaron J. French

Aaron J. French, also writing as A.J. French, has appeared in many publications, including Abandoned Towers, The Absent Willow Review, Golden Visions Magazine, the upcoming issue #7of Black Ink Horror, the Potter’s Field 4 anthology from Sam’s Dot Publishing, and Something Wicked magazine. He also has stories in the following anthologies: Zombie Zak’s House of Pain Anthology; Ruthless: An Extreme Horror Anthology with introduction by Bentley Little; Pellucid Lunacy, edited by Michael Bailey; M is for Monster, compiled by John Prescott; and 2013: The Aftermath by Pill Hill Press. He recently edited Monk Punk, an anthology of monk-themed speculative fiction, and The Shadow of the Unknown, an anthology of nü-Lovecraftian fiction.
Aaron's story, "Whirling Machine Man," was published in Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!