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Justynn Tyme

Justynn Tyme is a Buddhist, Dadaist, and multi-talented experimental artist. He is currently the Director of Radioactive Mango Recordings’ ALL-OUT MONSTER REVOLT PROJECT, a member of the Written Remains Writers Guild, and steward of the Dada Network.  Justynn has been a long-time fellow in many experimental arts organizations, most notably: The New Absurdist, 391, The Dada Network, and Taped Rugs Productions. Justynn’s work has appeared in both national and international publications, most notably KBOO’s 101 Hours of Innumerable Small Events, The Written Remains Writers Guild’s Stories from the Inkslingers anthology, Full Of Crow's Corporeal Flux 2, Mill Stream Book’s Bust Down The Door and Eat All The Chickens and Three Room Press’s premier Dada magazine “Maintenant.” Justynn is the founder and director of America’s most obscure Absurdist comedy group, The Whimsical Icebox; the curator of the Omphalos Dada Yow’s Digital Dada Museum; and the founder of the annual, international event, Dalikrab Day.  Justynn currently lives in Dada, Delaware—where he believes himself to be a ten-foot tall eggplant from outer space—in a house of antiquity with six cats and a liquor cabinet.
Justynn's story, "The Semi-Aquatic Blue Baker of Borneo," was published in Someone Wicked: A Written Remains Anthology.